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Specialists in security systems

Sistemas de seguridad sin mantenimiento

Security has always been an essential element, we want to protect and have located our loved ones, as well as our homes and businesses.

Due to technological advances and their applications in the field of security, we offer high reliability systems with a wide range of functions and at very competitive prices.

We specialize in the control and installation of alarms with Degree certificate, video surveillance systems, access controls, time controls and GPS tracking systems for people, vehicles and pets.

Autonomous alarms

Alarmas con certificado Grado 2

We have a wide range for sale and installation of alarm without any fee or mandatory maintenance. Our clients therefore acquire ownership of the system, thus being able to expand devices at any time, transfer or sell their alarms without the need for our intervention.

The alarm systems we offer allow connection to the central receiving or direct notice to the customer either by call, SMS or notifications through app on their smartphones. The advanced alarm centers together with their intuitive telephone application allow a multitude of possibilities, dividing a house into zones, domotic control of third-party devices, temperature or flood control, possibility of locating another family member who sends a panic signal in addition to the basic functions of the alarm; everything from anywhere in the world.

Our alarms adapt perfectly to any home or business you wish to protect.

Differences between autonomous alarm and alarm with central receiver


Video surveillance

Alarmas con certificado Grado 2

We install professional video surveillance systems in a large number of stores, stores and companies for constant monitoring. This is an element of great utility and that they facilitate and accelerate the work of the security bodies in cases of theft, petty theft, vandalism and even conflicts between employees or clients in the different businesses.

The possibilities and qualities (materials, technology, resolution, contrast, opening, communication, isolation, refreshment, delay, etc.) of this type of products make up an immense range of options that in turn generate great confusion among customers. Here the work of our approved technicians becomes more important, since good advice can not only generate great savings, but also a real security that often can not be guaranteed by many of our competitors.

Where and how does the law allow me to record?


Access control and schedule

Control de acceso y presencia

It is very common to restrict access to certain areas in any job, as well as to account for the hours worked by employees, the latter already mandatory according to article 35.5 of the Consolidated Text of the Workers' Statute (RDL 2/2015 of October 23). in force on May 13, 2019.

The control for compliance with these standards is cumbersome and difficult to add to the large number of tasks involved in running a business.

The access and schedule controls allow to automate these problems. A biometric system is highly reliable and secure, allowing you to manage access and time of signing through fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, card reader, keychain reader or password.

The time controls consist of a software for PC where it generates the parts of hours worked by the employees.



GPS Locators

Localizador GPS de niños

There are situations that can not be avoided 100% as a child, an old man or a pet is lost, the theft of a vehicle by very good alarm that has. This is where these pagers gain importance.

The GPS locators have a great autonomy and applications in the day to day. Soniles has models adapted to the most adventurous hikers, the most confused children or the elderly with complications. These pagers can act as a warning by issuing a warning if the person leaves an area or issues a distress signal.

In the case of our GPS locators for vehicles, the functions are extended, being able to be fixed installation, transport them in different vehicles or as a hidden spy function. They also allow the management of routes, speed control and consumption, in case of an accident you can make an SOS call by pressing just one button. In case of vehicle theft, these devices have their own battery, thus not affecting the subtraction of the main battery of the vehicle. Through the application it is possible to listen to what happens inside or even to turn off the engine of the stolen vehicle.

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