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Regulations Alarms

    Alarms with central receiver
    Requirements for a receiving company to verify a notice to notify the police according to Order INT / 316/2011 of the official state bulletin.
  • Sequential jump of three motion detectors, if the alarm system is only equipped with motion detectors there must be a minimum jump of three consecutive detectors so that the jump is confirmed as real, this means that if your alarm system is old and does not have video verification if only a motion detector jumps the Alarm Receiving Center can not notify the police, at least three different sensors have to jump and also in a space of less than half an hour.
  • Verification by audio, according to the regulations of alarms in force in Spain to be able to verify an alarm jump as real with this method, it is necessary to store at least ten seconds of audio before the alarm jump and of course to continue with the audio activated throughout the jump alarm must also be able to transmit live audio at any time at the request of the Alarm Receiving Center.
  • Verification by video, according to current regulations of alarms if the system has the ability to transmit video through video sensors, in these alarm installations the sensors have the technical capacity to transmit video at the moment an incident occurs, the Video cameras have to capture all of what the alarm sensor is covering, that is, there must be no blind spots that are not recorded by the camera.
  • As a last method, the personal verification is contemplated, that is to say that the company of alarms in case there is an incident sends a security guard to the place of the installation to verify if the alarm jump is real or not, in case either the security forces will be notified from the alarm company to the police.
  • Alarm with CRA (with central receiver)
    • Alarm on rental basis
    • Alarm with monthly or annual fee
    • Procedure to make sure it is not false alarm before notice to police as:
      • Detection by several devices
      • Visual verification
      • Notice to the owner for visual verification
  • Alarm without CRA (without receiving station)
    • Acquisition of alarm system
      • It allows it to be uninstalled and reinstalled in another address
    • Choice between economic alarms or with the possibility of later connection to CRA
    • Alarm without fees

* No-fee alarms can currently be connected to the ADSL network without the need for a SIM card and allowing total and simple control from the smartphone by the owner.

These alarms are compatible with video surveillance systems and it is also possible to install this completely independent system in an economical way with 24 hour real-time video control.

    Merchants are not required to alarm systems with CRA except:
  • Credit institutions (banks and savings banks)
  • Armories
  • Jewelery and silverware
  • Art galleries and antique shops
  • Gas stations
  • Lottery management
  • Betting sites (casinos, bingos, etc.)

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