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Seguridad de la pƔgina de inicio

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LED lighting and giant screens

Equipo de audiovisuales para directo

A basic pillar of any show is good lighting. Soniles renews and supervises all of its equipment on a regular basis to ensure spectacular and efficient lighting.

For proper lighting you need good equipment and great professionals like our technicians, who, with their extensive experience attenuate, focus and distribute the different lights concentrating attention on the key points of each show.

Another important point to create great mosaics and ensure success lies in the combination of colors and different effects, this is another of our strengths where we keep updated with the best software and control equipment that allows us to completely change the landscape of the event according to claim what happens on the stage and infecting the audience, thus increasing the level of the show.



LED screens

Pantallas gigantes de LED

LED rental screens for stands and conventions are LED panels capable of reproducing high resolution images and videos with a luminosity superior to other devices, such as traditional monitors and projectors that do not allow to see the contents correctly, either due to lack of luminosity or annoying reflections on their screens. In this way, you will get an unbeatable lighting.

Soniles rents and sells this type of panels for all types of use adjusting in resolution, quality, brightness, etc; screens for both indoor and outdoor adjusting to the needs of each client. In addition, our customers have the option to hire us for installation and commissioning.

With our screens we have created great environments in different events. One of the most requested uses by our clients is the live broadcasting of sporting events such as promotion phases, competition finals, European Championship or World Cup.

These screens are a perfect complement for video clip retransmission, audiovisual effects or live video for festivals, concerts or fairs.

We have adapted these panels to all events and shapes, surprising customers and others in runways and other emissions.

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