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Rental of sound and professional lighting

Concierto El ƚltimo Guateque

We have a large stock of sound and lighting equipment of first brands for rent and rent with installation without hiring technicians.

Soniles Technology rents sound systems, microphones and lighting to professionals and end customers for domestic and private use.

The business policy of constant updating and expansion allows us to offer modern systems of high quality and leading brands. Our teams periodically undergo maintenance and tuning control to ensure optimal performance in the show.

We offer sale of own equipment and never of third users to guarantee the correct use of these, as well as their conditions of perfect operation. We consider it essential to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients, which is why we offer professional, friendly and close treatment; advising the best options for each client and event.

Thanks to these principles, our customers come with full confidence demanding our equipment for both rent and purchase and once again trusting our professionalism.

In the area of rentals are many professionals from companies, hotels, clubs ... local and regional who rely and request our products repeatedly which encourages us to continue improving to show our gratitude to loyalty.

Escenario barra libre boda

Some of our rentals are for carnival and Christmas parades; discomviles, sporting events, clubs and non-profit associations, etc.

Our teams are very required in links, these events are especially noteworthy since they are looking for a distinctive touch of the rest of weddings to make this a unique day. Here our logistics team gains importance by creating a unique and special mobile phone adapted to any budget and capacity.

Brands with which we work