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Demountable scenarios

Our mobile scenarios guarantee the best reliability and resistance, being at the same time a simple and fast way to build specific events. This is the best definition for this product.

The different pallet models, the construction forms and the wide range of accessories allow to adapt and build any type of structure without practically importing the medium, measures or height.

Easy and fast assembly and disassembly, being able to be stored in extremely compact spaces with the possibility of accessories such as transport and storage trolleys. The scenarios are guaranteed 100% guaranteed and in accordance with current safety regulations. A mobile scenario is the ideal base for versatile operations anywhere.

The modular pallets are made of aluminum and high quality wood to create a robust, stable and durable stage. The thick Finish wood flooring has a rugged anti-slip finish, easy to clean and prepared for inclement weather. The platforms are manufactured in different sizes and can even be tailored to fit each space perfectly, leaving a firm and elegant stage.

Soniles supplies this product with sale or rental mode at very competitive prices. Due to the large number of situations and jobs that this product is able to meet, we advise each order recommending the models and accessories that best fit. In this way we cover perfectly the needs of each client without this supposing any extra cost and even getting improving the offer in most cases.

Whether you need to rent a stage for a specific event or want to acquire it, do not hesitate to contact us, we will assist you without any commitment.

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